Exclusive Apparel Technology for Performance Sports Group Scientifically Shown to Improve Athlete Performance

University of Colorado Study Proves Cocona’s 37.5® Technology Increases Athlete Efficiency

EXETER, NH June 6, 2016 – Apparel technology utilized by Performance Sports Group Ltd. (NYSE: PSG) (TSX: PSG), a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance sports equipment and apparel, has been scientifically shown to improve athlete performance, according to results of a study conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Cocona Inc., the creators of 37.5 technology, today announced the public release of results from the blind study that show wearing 37.5 technology can improve thermoregulation during exercise, which positively impacts performance. The results of the study, titled Beneficial Effects of Cooling during Constant Power Non-steady State Cycling, were released at the American College of Sports Medicine’s 63rd Annual Meeting held in Boston last week.

Through a multi-year partnership with Cocona, Performance Sports Group has the exclusive use of 37.5 technology in apparel and equipment for hockey, lacrosse, baseball and softball, and non-exclusive use in soccer. Performance Sports Group markets products under the BAUER, MISSION, MAVERIK, CASCADE, COMBAT, EASTON, and INARIA brand names.

“The results of the study validate what we have thought to be true since first learning of 37.5 technology, that it does in fact provide a scientifically-proven performance advantage for athletes,” said Amir Rosenthal, President, PSG Brands and interim CEO, Performance Sports Group. “Our mission at Performance Sports Group is to elevate player performance and protection and we are excited to continue our long-standing exclusive partnership with Cocona to offer 37.5 technology to athletes around the world.”

Apparel with 37.5 technology dries up to five times faster than competitive products. While other fabrics simply wick moisture around the garment, trapping humidity near the athlete's skin, 37.5 technology harnesses the athlete's body heat to evaporate moisture and move it away from the skin. Unlike wicking apparel, 37.5 technology works underneath equipment. In fact, the use of 37.5 technology in multiple layers performance apparel, protective equipment and uniforms increases the overall effectiveness and evaporation process.

In addition to improving thermoregulation, 37.5 technology was also scientifically shown in the study to extend an athlete’s performance at their lactic acid threshold and increase athlete efficiency, resulting in the use of less energy. No other fabric technology has been shown to increase human performance or increase the body’s ability to manage core temperature.

Now that the study is public we’re excited to be able to talk about the results,” said Dr. Gregory Haggquist, Founder and CTO of Cocona, Inc. and inventor of patented 37.5 technology. “When we see data that shows you can improve an athlete’s performance by 26 percent at their lactic acid threshold, it’s pretty remarkable. To get that kind of increase in efficiency just by changing your shirt fabric is unprecedented.

Physiologists Eric P. Homestead, Benjamin J. Ryan, Jesse A. Goodrich, and Professor William C. Byrnes authored the study, which is expected to be published in a leading sports medicine journal later this year.

For more information regarding 37.5 technology and the study results, visit www.thirtysevenfive.com

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Performance Sports Group Ltd. (NYSE: PSG) (TSX: PSG) is a leading developer and manufacturer of ice hockey, roller hockey, lacrosse, baseball and softball sports equipment, as well as related apparel and soccer apparel. The Company is the global leader in hockey with the strongest and most recognized brand, and is a leader in North America in baseball and softball. Its products are marketed under the BAUER, MISSION, MAVERIK, CASCADE, INARIA, COMBAT and EASTON brand names and are distributed by sales representatives and independent distributors throughout the world. In addition, the Company distributes its hockey products through its Burlington, Massachusetts and Bloomington, Minnesota Own The Moment Hockey Experience retail stores. Performance Sports Group is a member of the Russell 2000 and 3000 Indexes, as well as the S&P/TSX Composite Index. For more information on the Company, please visit www.PerformanceSportsGroup.com

About 37.5® Technology

37.5 technology was created by Cocona Inc., a world leader in the development, commercialization and marketing of active particle technologies currently used to enhance the technical performance of clothing, footwear and sleep systems. The Company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Previously, 37.5 technology was marketed under the Cocona brand name, as the original active carbon particles were derived from coconut shells. The technology has since been expanded to use additional natural materials.

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